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Miami has an accent is more than a bridal editorial project, It’s a love letter to Miami. The real one.

Contrary to popular belief, Miami is not just about turquoise beaches, palm trees and salsa clubs. It's a city of contrasts - mangroves and misty mornings, stunning landscapes and run-down sidewalks, post-lunch cafecitos, neighborhoods that shut down on Sundays, and legendary skate spots.

In many ways, Miami is like ten cities rolled into one. Yet, we choose to embrace and celebrate every facet of this vibrant metropolis, paying homage to its unique spirit and character.


Shot in digital and medium format film during April of 2023, this creative project aims to capture the essence of Miami through the eyes of a true local, the bride, changing her look as the same time than the city does.

Chapter I The Water

Chapter II The Traffic

Chapter IV The Spot

Chapter III The Heat

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